FuQi Day on August 6th 2021 - 10:00 am until 9:00 pm (CEST)

Those who are connected to the spirit prosper

Many thanks to Master Li that he gives us another FuQi Day. It will be a big, happy festivity: we celebrate the new level of DEAN Method and at the same time, our majority. With ‘DEAN Method directly with the heart’, there are new possibilities. ‘Directly with the heart’ means ‘directly with the spirit’ – without detours.

So far, we have explained DEAN Method through Chinese medicine or quantum physics. In the practice, we started with the body. That was the way how we used to learn. From the visible level, we slowly came to the spiritual level. In the meantime, the world changed and we developed. We have matured and come of age because we have reached a common unconscious understanding. We understand the spiritual level and can now connect directly with it. This also means that the FuQi has grown. In our FuQi, the spirit becomes visible.

We are now no longer looking at the FuQi from the outside, but are part of a large cloud of FuQi. This makes it possible to pass on the FuQi to others. Be of age means we can take responsibility, for ourselves and for others, for family, friends, at work, for example.

No matter what we take responsibility for, at the beginning there is always the clear relationship. In DEAN Method directly with the heart, we experience a new quality of relationship to Master Li and Daoming. In this relationship we can connect with the spirit without detours, if we are serious, honest, calm and focused.

Three sentences describe the new quality

We all have our destiny in the visible life, our talent and our task. But the visible is only one level. There is always yin and yang, so there is also the invisible. Both are interrelated. The visible is determined by the invisible. In Chinese it is said: there is a master in the invisible, 冥冥之中自有主宰. Or as the philosopher Mengzi says: “That which is done without man’s doing is from heaven. That which happens without man’s causing is from the ordinance of heaven.” When we are connected to the master in the invisible, we can understand our destiny and become the best of ourselves. In this way, we naturally have a good, successful life. “Those who are connected to the spirit prosper, 得神者昌” is how the Yellow Emperor describes it.

The master in the invisible shows us the way of spiritualization until we can finally reach the Dao in connection with him. Whoever wants to go this way can only go it together with others. Because the understanding that is needed for this is unconscious. It never has to do only with ourselves, but always with others: when a person attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven. 一人得道 鸡犬升天. When one has understood, others have always understood also.

The cycle of life: growing in FuQi

On the way to becoming the best of ourselves, there may be some problems to solve. Then it is a matter of becoming clear and understanding spiritually. From understanding comes FuQi. In FuQi, our problems are solved, we make a leap in development. After that, maybe a new problem comes: the cycle of clear, understood and FuQi starts again, but we are already one step higher. From understanding to understanding, from birth to rebirth, from generation to generation, it is always a matter of building up FuQi together in order to move on. We come from FuQi and grow in FuQi. From FuQi to FuQi, that is the cycle in which we all evolve together to the Dao.

With DEAN Method directly with the heart, Master Li and Daoming show us an easy, immediate way there. On this new level, we can let go of the bitterness instantly. No more despair, but luck and cheerfulness. Let us celebrate a big FuQi festival together in thankfulness and happiness, with our families, friends, and ancestors.

There will be a colorful program from the morning until the evening. The FuQi Day and the Healing & Education retreat will fuse on this Friday. All information is posted on the website of DEAN Association and supplemented on an ongoing basis. The FuQi Day is of all, with all and for all who want. Those who want to be part of the preparation will find many possibilities and suggestions on the website.

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